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Sorry, we do not cook. We spice up lessons and churn out delicious grades.
We are a Premium Tuition Centre in Singapore that specialises in Physics and Maths.
Our founder is popular former RJC Physics lecturer, Mr Dave Sim.

"Hello and Welcome to The Physics and Maths Cafe! If you already know who we are and would simply like to check for vacancies, please visit the class schedule or register online at reservation If you are not recommend by friends or relatives to our center and are new to us, not to worry, please allow me a brief introduction.

We are a premium education center in Singapore who specialises in Physics and Maths education for secondary, IB and JC students. Our founder, Mr Dave Sim is a very popular ex-lecturer from RJC. All the tutors teaching in the cafe are not the typical tutors you have in mind, they are uniquely special as they are one of the very few in the industry who can motivate and inspire (not for the sake of doing so) …. but just by making the subject simple, interesting, yet intriguing. We take pride in the quality of the tutors, materials and the presentation of knowledge. You will never know what you do not know until you attend the lesson! That is all we can reveal…

Given that we took in students from all schools without an entry test, you may be pleasantly surprised that close to 10 out of 10 students in The Physics Cafe scored A or B and close to 8 out of 10 students scored A for the A level paper each year, doubling the steady national average 40 % The Secondary wing has its fair share of honour, with more than 90% distinction in the Physics and Maths O-Level exam. Most of the students proceed to the top JCs with nearly straight As in their report card.

Want to find out more? Still uncertain which education center to go? It would be so much better if someone you trust give you a recommendation, isn’t it? Yes we should always trust what other people have to say. Let us hear what the students say. You are free to make your own judgment based on what you read and rest assured the reviews are genuine as the students have kindly given us the permission to link their names to their facebook account to support the credibility."

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