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Specializes in Physics, Maths and Chemistry for secondary, IP and JC.
Percentage A double the national average every year.
Located beside Beauty World, Novena, Paya Lebar and Bishan MRT.




Founded by renowned physics super tutor and ex-RJC lecturer Mr Dave Sim. We break the bank to get the best tutors in Singapore. Popular with parents from the top secondary schools and IP schools. Tried and trusted JC physics tuition by JC students since 2009

The course structure in PMC is built based on my belief that we should spend time to develop the student’s problem-solving skills, instead of concepts. Once you are good in problem solving, you will be good in concepts. Once you are good in the subject, you will love it. LOVE will always come the last.

- Mr Dave Sim, Founder

How Smart Students Are Made

Get the exclusive behind-the-scenes look on how we (quickly!) transform you to an exceptional student who will excel in Physics, Maths or Chemistry and love them

Look for the right tutor

Finding what you really want: You will be surprised that not everyone is looking for the “best teacher”. There are some who look for proximity from home, convenience (home based tuition), class size, school fees affordability or good customer service. Everyone has different priorities.

Be realistic: If I want to choose the best carrot cake stall in Singapore. I will go to the one with the longest queue. I will go to the one where the picky foodies will go to. This is because I think they will not make the wrong choice. But then when I do, I accept that I cannot complain when the queue is too long. While we hope that we can find a tuition centre for any subject like JC physics tuition which is just in your neighbourhood, has a small class size of 4-6 students, and is “not expensive”, and have the right tutors suitable for the child. We all know this defy logic and common sense. We do not do that for the carrot cake, why would we do that when we source for a tutor. In our classes, what we teach does not really depends on what you ask in class. The tutors know what are the questions you will and should ask.

Choose your preferred location and timeslot

Weekday or Weekends: Do you want to attend tuition lessons after school with your school mates? In this way you can free up your weekends. Or do you prefer weekends classes as they will be less likely to be disrupted by schhool commitments. Weekend classes may also give you the boost you need before you waste it away! Choose your preferred locations and time slots here. We are conducting end of the year Head-Start and Revision workshop to get ready for 2020.

Time Management: In PMC, we offer many classes in the West (Beauty World), Central (Novena), East (Paya Lebar) and North (Bishan). All the secondary, IP and JC Physics, Maths and Chemistry classes are arranged back to back to one another so that you will save on travelling time. Students can also attend the classes of the same level and subject in any of the outlets on an ad-hoc basis. In this way, you do not have to commit to a specific location or time slot.

Register Online for your preferred class.

Express interest: Express interest by paying the $100 registraton fee with paypal or credit or debit cards.

Confirmation of seat: The admission team will send you the invoice and term calendar once your expression of interest is accepted and approved.

Login to your student portal: The student and parent can log into the student portal to view the announcements, pay invoice, view the term calendar, view the results of PMC tests and exams, request to attend classes in other outlets, set appointment for Parents-Tutor meeting and many others.

Paying the school fee before the first lesson: Parents can make payment for the school fee by paynow or internet banking or credit cards. E-receipt will be sent and the student digital card will be activated and the student can attend the first lesson using the student card.

Let us take care of everything from here.

First lesson Arrive 20 minutes before lesson. Log into your student account to get ready to scan your digital student card.

Admin briefing: Receive welcome pack from PMC student councillors (ex-students from PMC). Welcome pack contains school rules, term schedule, PMC merchanise and stationary and notes and worked solutions from the previous lessons that you have missed if you join in the middle of the term.

Tutor briefing: Talk to the tutor before the lesson starts.

After first lesson (Positive feelings): You will be amazed at our JC physics tuition by how a lesson can be so engaging and how your tutor can make something so difficult to be so simple. You will be pleasantly surprised at how effective PMC lessons are compared to any other lessons you have attended.

After first lesson (Negative feelings): You realised that although not all students are from the top schools, your peers in PMC know a lot and are very advanced in problem solving. They are very motivated and happy (not stressed). You may be stressed as you feel you have joined late and it is impossible to be on par with them.

After 1 month (4 lessons): You should acquired a superior problem solving skillset by then. You will understand why PMC students double the percentage A in O Level and A level every year.

Term tests and exams: There will be frequent tests which will be marked, assessed and recorded in the student portal.

Parents-Tutor Meeting: There will be annual Parents-Tutor meeting to look at the root cause of unexpected results that do not meet to reasonable expectations.

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